Nelson R. Hartranft Trophy
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A Cat - Bay Head Race Winner

Nelson R. Hartranft Trophy

The Nelson R. Hartranft Trophy, donated to the Bay Head Yacht Club by Peter R. Kellogg in 1990, is in honor of Nelson Hartranft's many years of dedication to the A-Cat class on Barnegat bay.

Nelson R. Hartranft

At one time, Nelson owned the Bat, The Spy, The Mary Ann and the Lotus. He also had David Beaton & Sons build the Wasp to the plans and specifications of one of the original A-Cats.

The Nelson R. Hartranft Trophy is to be awarded each year at the Bay Head Yacht Club's Barnegat Bay Yacht Racing Association race day, to the winner of the A-Cat class.

Trophy Winners History
2017Race Abandoned - High Wind
2016WaspNelson S. Hartranft IIOGYC
2015All races Abandoned - Weather Forecast
2014Spy IIGary StuartIHYC
2013SpyderTim BrownSPYC
2012TorchPeter ChanceMYC
2011WitchBill O'BrienBHYC
2010WitchBill O'BrienBHYC
2009WitchAustin FragomenBHYC
2008Spy IIGary StuartIHYC
2007WitchAustin FragomenBHYC
2006Race Abandoned - Thunderstorm
2005Race Abandoned - too much wind
2004WitchAustin FragomenBHYC
2003TorchPeter KelloggMYC
2002WitchRussell LucasBHYC
2001Race Canceled
2000VaporPeter R KelloggBHYC
1999Wasp O-67N R Hartranft/C ChadwickOGYC
1998Race Canceled
1997Race Canceled
1996GhostW. W. FortenbaughBHYC
1995GhostWilliam FortenbaughBHYC
1994VaporPeter R KelloggBHYC
1993Mary AnnChris ChadwickSPYC
1992Mary AnnMichael L FrankovichIHYC
1991Bat IH-1M Frankovich-LostrumIHYC
1990Wasp O-67Nelson R Hartranft, Sr.OGYC