Piper Mug
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Sandpiper - Bay Head Race Winner

Piper Mug

The Piper Mug was first placed in competition in 1996 by Jim and Gail Dunn. The trophy is awarded annually to the winner of the first Sandpiper race of the BBYRA season, which is co-hosted by Bay Head Yacht Club and Metedeconk River Yacht Club. The perpetual trophy is a pewter tankard won in a Bay Head Yacht Club open race on August 13, 1898 by the yacht Petrel.

Trophy Winners History
2017Fanny MC2Paul GelenitisMCYC
2016Marie BH24Jim CadranellBHYC
2015All races Abandoned - Weather Forecast
2014NB 4Peter SchwartzNBYC
2013Zoar MA18Mark LewisMYC
2012Fanny MC2Paul GelenitisMCYC
2011Fanny MC2Paul GelenitisMCYC
2010Knot So Fast MA38Carl BeckMYC
2009Fanny MC2Paul GelenitisMCYC
2008Half Full MC10John SchwindMCYC
2007SkulkyAllan Terhune, Sr.TRYC
2006MC 1Mimi DimonMCYC
2005MC 1Mimi DimonMCYC
2004BH 55John A. Brown, Jr.BHYC
2003MC 1Mimi DimonMCYC
2002SA 1Paul AdamsSAYC
2001MC 1Mimi DimonMCYC
2000BH 29James A. UrnerBHYC
1999MC 1Mimi DimonMCYC
1998Race Cancelled
1997BH 55Edward N. King, Jr.BHYC
1996Race Cancelled