Charles Franksen Trophy
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IHYC - AM or First PM Ensign Race Winner

Charles Franksen Trophy

Charles M. Francksen Memorial Trophy – Fleet 63 – Awarded for winning the morning or first race of the BBYRA season at Island Heights YC. Charles was the founding Secretary/Treasurer of Fleet 63 in 1973. He raced Ensign 1165, Pilot.

The trophy is presented by Virginia Francksen at the fleet Summer Social event.

Trophy Winners History
2017 1stChowder 176Bill MurpheySPYC
2016 1stLorelei 1085Bud BrownTRYC
2015 1stLorelei 1085Bud BrownTRYC
2014 1st PMLorelei 1085Bud BrownTRYC
2013 1st PMMarista 491Thomas HealeyIHYC
2012 1st PMCaution 1021Allan TerhuneTRYC
2011 1stMarista 491Thomas HealeyIHYC
2010 1stChowder 176Bill MurpheySPYC
2009 1stGalatea 690Allan TerhuneTRYC
2008 AMMarista 491Thomas HealeyIHYC
2007 1stMarista 491Thomas HealeyIHYC
2006 1stGalatea 690Allan TerhuneTRYC
2005 1stMarista 491Thomas HealeyIHYC
2004 1stIrish Mist 710Dick TorpeyTRYC
2003 AMMarista 491Thomas HealeyIHYC
2002 AMR First 493R. DuffTRYC
2001 AMLight Brigade 600Clark BrickIHYC
2000 AMIrish Mist 710Dick TorpeyTRYC
1999 AMEmerald Isle 583W.M. Murphey IIIIHYC
1998 AMIrish Mist 710Dick TorpeyTRYC
1997 AMEmerald Isle 583W.M. Murphey IIIIHYC