Slack Bowl
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IHYC - Ensign Second Race Winner

Slack Bowl

This trophy was first awarded to George Doscher of IHYC in Comets in 1956 and 1959. George later raced Ensign 150.

In 1975 the base was added and the trophy was re-dedicated to the Ensign class for the afternoon or second BBYRA race at Island Heights YC.

Trophy Winners History
2017 1stChowder 176Bill MurpheySPYC
2016 2edLorelei 1085Bud BrownTRYC
2015 2edRace Abandoned - Starting Time Limit
2014 1stLorelei 1085Bud BrownTRYC
2013 2edLorelei 1085Bud BrownTRYC
2012 2edChowder 176Bill MurpheySPYC
2011 2edLeading Edge 1247Robert C. WarnerTRYC
2010 2edIrish Mist 710Fred Wiedeke Jr.TRYC
2009 2edWhite Lady of Irondequoit Bay 856Michael FrankovichIHYC
2008 PMIrish Mist 710Dick TorpeyTRYC
2007 2edMarista 491Thomas HealeyIHYC
2006 2edRace Abandoned - Starting Time Limit
2005 2edRace Abandoned - Starting Time Limit
2004Irish Mist 710Dick TorpeyTRYC
2003Marista 491Thomas HealeyIHYC
2002Chowder 176Chris HeidrickIHYC
2001Light Brigade 600Clark BrickIHYC
2000Leading Edge 1247Robert WarnerTRYC
1999Leading Edge 1247Robert WarnerTRYC
1998Irish Mist 710Dick TorpeyTRYC
1997Irish Mist 710Dick TorpeyTRYC
1996Irish Mist 710Dick TorpeyTRYC
1995Leading Edge 1247Robert WarnerTRYC
1994Leading Edge 1247Robert WarnerTRYC
1993Leading Edge 1247Robert WarnerTRYC
1992Double Trouble 1165Leonard EgeeIHYC
1991R First 1106Fred Rosenfeld / Charles PorterIHYC
1990Leading Edge 1247Robert WarnerTRYC
1989Leading Edge 1247Robert WarnerTRYC
1988Leading Edge 1247Robert WarnerTRYC
1987Leading Edge 1247Robert WarnerTRYC
1986Irish Mist 710Dick TorpeyTRYC
1985Yard Bird135Gordon NelsonIHYC
1984Irish Mist 710Dick TorpeyTRYC
1983Triune 493Robert DuffTRYC
1982Triune 493Robert DuffTRYC
1981Triune 493Robert DuffTRYC
1980Irish Mist 710Dick TorpeyTRYC
1979Irish Mist 710Dick TorpeyTRYC
1978String of Pearls 1078John English
1977Triune 493Robert DuffTRYC
1976Triune 493Robert DuffTRYC
1975Trim 954Drew SeibertTRYC

Comet Fleet

1969SwizzleWayne Diller / Joan DillerCooper River
1968TermiteRobert Wales / Chris Clarkgreen Pond
1967TermiteRobert Wales / Ed Chestnut
1966SwizzleWayne Diller / Joan DilkesCooper River
1965BarflyBob Wales / Marcia Wales Green Pond
1964MishapJohn Harkrader / Harry SpaethBHYC
1963Fly SwatterDob Seidelmann / Bob Aberg
1962Lynn FlyJohn MacCausland / Mike WalshCooper River
1961ArgosyBob Seidelmann / Mike WalshCooper River
1960MonsterHarry Sindle / Ernest DeanLYC
1959ArgosyGeorge Doscher / Waren Doscher IHYC
1958Most Happy FellowGeorge S. Milligan / Walter H. LombardLittle Egg
1957ShanEd Ryan / Ernie DeanShrewsbury
1956ArgosyGeorge Dosher / Waren DosherIHYC
1955OhA. Blair Fletcher / Robert SeidelmannCooper River
1954RascalHenry Miltenberger / Eugene MilterbergerRed Bank