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Eli Lavallette Trophy
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Lavallette Race - Winner

Admiral Eli Lavallette Trophy

This trophy was established by the borough of Lavallette in honor of its golden anniversary, in 1937

Admiral La Vallette for whom the borough was named, was the first rear admiral in the U.S. Navy

The winning class is the class what had the greatest number of registered boats in the prior years race - and does not have a perpetual trophy awarded by Lavallette YC

Trophy Winners History
2017SandpiperMarie BH24Jim CadranellBHYC
2016SandpiperNB4Peter SchwartzNBYC
2015SandpiperFanny MC-2Michael BuckowskiMCYC
2014SandpiperFanny MC-2Paul GelenitisMCYC
2013SandpiperFanny MC-2Paul GelenitisMCYC
2012SandpiperMarie BH-24Jim CadranellBHYC
2011SandpiperAll Races Canceled for Tropical Storm Irene
2010SandpiperFanny MC-2Paul GelenitisMCYC
2009M-Sloop 1stLA5Tim FaranettaLYC
2008SandpiperHalf Full MC-10John SchwindMCYC
2007SandpiperHalf Full MC-10John SchwindMCYC
2006Flying Scot 1stPricelessJoseph ThorpeTRYC
2005Flying Scot 1stHot Tub TooPeter SayiaSPYC
2004Flying Scot 1stHot Tub Too 5508Peter SayiaSPYC
2003Flying Scot5508Peter SayiaSPYC
2002SanderlingMC 10John SchwindMCYC
2001Flying Scot3869Alan Terhune, JrTRYC
2000Flying Scot Allan Terhune, Jr.TRYC
1999Laser Radial131304Kevin KingOGYC
1998Laser Radial165118Donovan MarvinTRYC
1997Laser Paul CluckPBYC
1996Laser150113Jeremy LynnMCYC
1995Laser Brian KeatingNBYC
1994Laser James MaidaLYC
1993Laser Peter HurleyMYC
1992Laser James R. DeeringLYC
1991Laser136908James R DeeringLYC
19901Laser129198James MaidaLYC
19902Laser Steve YoungSAYC
1989Laser James MaidaLYC
1988LaserNo Race
1987Laser M   
1986  Peter HurleyMYC
1985Laser M Peter HurleyMYC
1984  Michael KennyPBYC
1983Sanderling Peter FortenbaughBHYC
1982Laser M Peter FortenbaughBHYC
1981Laser Peter VanDuyneMYC
1977Laser Shawn KemptonOGYC
1976Laser Donnie WienckeBYC
1975Laser B Had BrickIHYC
1973 Southern ComfortRobert B. WilliamsBHYC
1971Jet 14
1970 Who Dat IIIDoug BroekerLYC
1968Jet 14Wipe OutDonna TuckerLYC
1967Jet 14   
1966 Who Dat IIHangi BonnLYC
1965 SabotJohn F.H. SchenchBHYC
1964Junior JetBlue HeavenDennis FinkLYC
1963 HustlerR. EllinghamLYC
1962 If IIF. TubridyBYC
1961 HustlerS. ZwargMYC
1959 GoofyA. LangeLYC
1958 Who Dat IIBruce G. BirkholzLYC
1950 Lucky LoverW. WilsonSPYC
1949CometOne Grand 2946A. BeltraminiLYC
1948CometVandal 2357Stanton H. DavisLYC
1947LightningMisbehave 513Louise Cattus WellsBHYC
1946LightningBlitzenJ. Carl BehlerSAYC
1945LightningMisbehaveMrs. Louise Cattus WellsBHYC
1944Sneakbox - Class AFriskyWalter BrayMYC
1943Sneakbox - Class AWigwamCharles L. IllMYC
1942SnipeNo Race - Time limit
1941Sneakbox - Class AFan TanCharles Ill 2edMYC
1940Sneakbox - Class AWigwamL. Clifford Lewis, Jr.MYC
1939Sneakbox - Class ABarnegat BelleThomas A. KingLYC
1938Sneakbox - Class AApplejack L-VEdwin Adams Jr.LYC
1937Sneakbox - Class AFlying EbonyE.W. Ill, Jr.MYC