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Mantoloking Yacht Club - E Sloop AM Race Winner

O'Malley Trophy

The O'Malley Trophy (for E Sloops) was presented to the BBYRA in 1969 to be raced for by E Sloops at the Mantoloking regatta. It was presented by the O'Malley family in memory of Edwin J. O'Malley, past commodore of the Mantoloking Yacht Club and of Lavallette Yacht Club who died in 1996. His wife, Ruth, lived to be 100 and died in 2003. The Trophy is a large oval platter that is now retained in the trophy cabinet at Mantoloking Yacht Club due to insurance restrictions. A "keeper" trophy is provided to the winner each year by the O'Malley family.

Trophy Winners History
2017Showtime T18Clay JohnsonTRYC
2015Limelight T73Jeff BonanniTRYC
2014Showtime T18Erik JohnsonTRYC
2013Blind Squirrel SS1Will DemandSPYC
2012No Race - Time Limit
2011Slacktide IH44Fred SlackIHYC
2010Ol' Blue T17Chad HillyerTRYC
2009Shamrock BH5Peter KoarBHYC
2008New Era BH22W. Peter KoarBHYC
2007Magnum ForceJames MaidaLYC
2006Magnum ForceJames MaidaLYC
2005Esprit de KoarBobby Koar, Jr.BHYC
2004Magnum ForceGreer ScholesLYC
2003Magnum ForceJames MaidaLYC
2002-Bill NoldenLYC
2001Magnum ForceJames MaidaLYC
2000Fast BreakPaul MagnoLYC
1999FlipperPhil ReynoldsIHYC
1998Fast BreakPaul MagnoLYC
1997No Race
1996ZugzwangNathan BossettMRYC
1995Show TimeErik JohnsonTRYC
1994 Phil ReynoldsIHYC
1993FrogR.W. WightMYC
1992Dark StarBill CampbellTRYC
1991Ol' BlueCliff CampbellTRYC
1990Dark StarBill CampbellTRYC
1989Magnum ForcePaul MagnoLYC
1988LeptokurtosisDoug LoveBHYC
1987FeatherR.W. WightMYC
1986BH-37Scott CallahanBHYC
1985BH-37Scott CallahanBHYC
1984No Race
1983Ol' YellerBill WightMYC
1982FeatherR.W. WightMYC
1981EspritScott CallahanBHYC
1980EvasiveJohn HarkraderBHYC
1979Slippery SisyphusSam MerrickBHYC
1978Dog Meat DayPeter CommetteMYC
1977ThucydidesS.V. MerrickMYC
1976TestudoBill WightMYC
1975TestudoR.W. WightMYC
1974Reaching WindS.V. MerrickMYC
1973EmotionBob ArmstrongMYC
1972AmeradaGary SayiaSPYC
1971RippleE.J. O'Malley, Jr.MYC
1970SisyphusS.V. MerrickBHYC
1969WindsongS.V. MerrickBHYC