William O. Price trophy photo
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Sandpiper - Mantoloking Race Winner

William O. Price
Mantoloking YC Burgee
Memorial Trophy

This trophy was originally awarded to the winner of the Sanderling fleet. In 2016 it was rededicated to the Sandpiper fleet.
Trophy Winners History
2017Fanny MC 2Paul GelenitisMCYC
2016Fanny MC 2Paul GelenitisMCYC

Sanderling Fleet
2015Mini Cat BH 1Bob AdamsBHYC
2014Catspurr BH12Charles M BarclayBHYC
2013Barnecat L7Mark Q. SchleckserLYC
2012Catspurr BH12Charles M BarclayBHYC
2011Plan B MC15Bob ReagoMCYC
2010Race Abandoned - no wind
2009Race Abandoned - Wind
2008Barnecat L7Mark Q. SchleckserLYC
2007Catspurr BH12Charles M. BarclayBHYC
2006Capers MA24Daniel M. HurleyBHYC
2005Capers MA24Dan HurleyBHYC
2004Abby Gale MC10John SchwindMCYC
2003Catspurr BH12Charles BarclayBHYC
2002Whisker BH16John WardellBHYC
2001SA 13Mark Q. SchleckserSAYC
2000Plan B MC15Bob ReagoMCYC
1999Thera-B NB21Fred HeineNBYC
1998Mini Cat BH1Bob AdamsBHYC
1997Mini Cat BH1Bob AdamsBHYC
1996JB Quick MC18J & J CuttingMCYC
1995Mini Cat BH1Bob AdamsBHYC
1994Mini Cat BH1Bob AdamsBHYC
1993Z-Cat MC8Douglas ZimmermannMCYC
1992BH 99Samuel B FortenbaughBHYC
1991BH 99Samuel B FortenbaughBHYC
1990JB Quick MC18J & J CuttingMCYC
1989no race
1988Mini Cat BH1Bob AdamsBHYC