Chip Small Trophy
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MCYC - E Sloop PM Race Winner

Chip Small Memorial Trophy

Trophy for the winner of the PM E-Sloop class on the Metedeconk River hosting or co-hosting day of the BBYRA regatta

The trophy is kept at the Metedeconk River Yacht Club and a "keeper" trophy is presented to the winner

The Trophy was donated by the Small, Kuster, and Smith Families in 1988

Trophy Winners History
2017Limelight T73Jeff BonanniTRYC
2016Gater MA6Sayia / WrightMYC
2015All races Abandoned - Weather Forecast
2014Blind Squirrel SS 1John BrownSPYC
2013MA-4Richard WightMYC
2012SlackTide IH 44Fred SlackIHYC
2011Faster Horses BH 22Bobby KoarBHYC
2010Faster Horses BH 22Bobby KoarBHYC
2009Espirit de Koar BH 22Bobby KoarBHYC
2008En Fuego T 1Will DemandTRYC
2007Fast Break LA 88Paul MagnoLYC
2006En Fuego T 1Will DemandSPYC
2005Magnum Force LA 99Dave MagnoLYC
2004Ol Blue T 17Cliff CampbellTRYC
2003Magnum Force LA 99Dave MagnoLYC
2002Magnum Force LA 99Dave MagnoLYC
2001no race
2000LA 99Dave MagnoLYC
1999Magnum Force LA 99Dave MagnoLYC
1998MA 4Richard WightMYC
1997Magnum Force LA 99Dave MagnoLYC
1996IH 27Had BrickIHYC
1995T 18Erick JohnsonTRYC
1994MA 4Richard WightMYC
1993Magnum Force LA 99Dave MagnoLYC
1992T 8Dan CrabbeTRYC
1991BH 37Scott CallahanBHYC
1990T-18Eric H. JohnsonTRYC
1989T 18Eric H. JohnsonTRYC
1988IH 27Had BrickIHYC