Scorers Cup photo
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SAYC A Cat Race Winner

The BBYRA Scorers Cup

This trophy was donated by Don Turner in 1993, In honor of the many people who score races, for the winner of the A Cat race on the BBYRA race hosted by the Shore Acres Yacht Club.

Trophy Winners History
2017VaporJim KelloggMYC
2016TorchPeet MustMYC
2015Wasp O-67Nelson HartranftOGYC
2014TorchPeter ChanceMYC
2013VaporScott CallahanBHYC
2012VaporPeter BrombeyBHYC
2011WitchBill O'BrienBHYC
2010WitchBill O'BrienBHYC
2009Raven MC RDavid AlldianMCYC
2008No Race - Too much Wind
2007Spy IIRoy WilkinsIHYC
2006Race Abandoned - too much wind
2005LightningChris ChadwickIHYC
2004No Race
2003Raven MC RDavid AlldianMCYC
2002WitchRussell LucasBHYC
2001Raven MC RDavid AlldianMCYC
2000Ghost BHYC
1999GhostEd VienckowskiBHYC
1998WaspNelson S. HartranftOGYC
1997GhostW. W. FortenbaughBHYC
1996No Race
1995TamwockJim KelloggBHYC
1994GhostWilliam FortenbaughBHYC
1993WaspNelson HartranftMYC