Sewell Cup photo
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SPYC A-Cat Race Winner

The Sewell Cup

Presented For A Perpetual Trophy
To Be Competed For In An Annual Contest
On Barnegat Bay
By The Yacht Clubs of Seaside Park,
Island Heights, and Bay Head.
This Cup is the Gift Of The
Hon. William J. Sewell

As soon as the Seaside Park Yacht Club was organized, its members began to make plans for their first regatta, which was held on Aug 9, 1900. U.S. Senator William J. Sewell was on hand to present the Sewell trophy that he had given to the club for races to be run annually on the second Saturday of August. The trophy, designed like a Greek urn 12 inches high, was made of sterling silver and mounted on an ebony base.

Trophy Winners History
2017TorchTeam Torch Peter KelloggMYC
2016Race Abandoned - Tropical Storm Hermine
2015TamwockJack Pakenham / Buzz ReynoldsMYC
2014SpyderTim BrownSPYC
2013TorchPeter ChanceMYC
2012Spy IIMaggie Groff + TeamIHYC
2011WitchBill O'BrianBHYC
2010Race Abandoned - Excessive wind
2009WitchBill O'BrianBHYC
2008RavenCory WingerterMCYC
2007LotusChip HillyerIHYC
2006Race Abandoned - tropical storm
2005WitchMike FrankovichBHYC
2004RavenPete StaggardMCYC
2003Vapor BHYC
2002Torch BHYC
2001Spy II IHYC
2000Ghost BHYC
1999GhostEd VienckowskiSPYC
1998GhostBill FortenbaughBHYC
1997GhostBill FortenbaughBHYC
1996Mary Ann SPYC
1995Vapor BHYC
1994GhostWilliam FortenbaughBHYC
1993Wasp MYC
1992Mary AnnMichael FrankovichIHYC
1991Wasp OGYC
1989WaspJim StevensOGYC
1988Bat IH 1Frankovich/LostromIHYC
1987Bat IH 1Frankovich/LostromIHYC
1986BatM FrankovichIHYC
1985SpyRoy WilkinsIHYC
1983Mary AnnM. WarnerTRYC
1982WaspN. HartranftOGYC
1981Mary AnnRich Yetman, John EngleIHYC
1980BatCox - WilkinsOGYC
1979BatNelson HartranftOGYC
1978BatHank MagierskiOGYC
1977LotusHank MagierskiTRYC
1976SpyNelson HartranftOGYC
1975BatBill HaddenIHYC
1974BatJohn EngleIHYC
1973BatBarry ConnollySPYC
1972BatBarry ConnollySPYC
1971Mary AnnWarren LawLYC
1970Bat SPYC
1969Spy SPYC
1968Mary AnnWarren B. LawLYC
1966Mary AnnWarren B. LawLYC
1964Mary AnnC. Alarid & Warren LawLYC
1963Bat SPYC
1962Spy SPYC
1961Bat SPYC
1960Spy SPYC
1959Spy SPYC
1958LotusF. WinkelmanLYC
1956SpyBob & Don SayiaSPYC
1955Lotus LYC
1954LotusFred WinkelmanLYC
1953Lotus LYC
1952Spy LYC
1951Lotus MYC
1950SpyGeorge ClarkLYC
1949BatEd. CrabbTRYC
1948BatT. DilworthTRYC
1947BatT. DilworthTRYC
1946BatEd CrabbeTRYC
42-45No Races During WWII
1941LotusF.P. SchoettleIHYC
1940BatMack CrabbeTRYC
1939BatMack CrabbeTRYC
1938TamwockA.B. DissIHYC
1937BatRobt. SnyderTRYC
1936LotusFerdinand P. SchoettleIHYC
1935Mary AnnBrit ApplegateIHYC
1934BatBeck CrabbeTRYC
1933Mary AnnR. ApplegateIHYC
1932BatN. HartranftTRYC?MYC
1931Tamwock SPYC
1930TamwockJohn Roy WeaverSPYC
1929Spy BHYC
1928Tamwock SPYC
1927Spy SPYC
1926TamwockFrancis P. LarkinSPYC
1925LotusBernie TrittIHYC
1924Spy SPYC
1923Mary Ann IHYC
1922Mary Ann IHYC
1921Scat II IHYC
1920Zulietta IHYC
1919Virginia IHYC
1918Romp SPYC
1917Virginia IHYC
1916RompHarry BuxtonBHYC
1915RompHarry BuxtonBHYC
1914RompHarry BuxtonBHYC
1913DorothyFrancis P. LarkinSPYC
1912Dorothy SPYC
1911Dorothy SPYC
1910Peerless IHYC
1907Manhasset SPYC
1906Empress IHYC
1905Old Maid SPYC
1904Mina IHYC
1903EmpressCharles ThacherSPYC
1902Bouquet SPYC
1901Mina IHYC
1900BouquetDr. Al MulfordIHYC