Wolstenholme Flag Wolstenholme Perpetual Trophy
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SPYC E Sloop (PM) Race Winner

The Robert Wolstenholme
Perpetual Trophy
Annual Competition
by Sloops of the
Barnegat Bay Yacht Racing

This beautiful trophy was donated in 1925 when E-Sloops first started to racing on Barnegat Bay. Names of the early winners were engraved on the two aft sails of the trophy. The title of the trophy appears on the foresail. Unfortunately two of the original sails were lost (overboard) in a raucous celebration by a later winner. They were subsequently replaced with blank sails.

The Wolstenholme trophy is kept in the Wolstenholme room on a silver stand under glass in a special presentation case

Note: From the SPYC history book

Trophy Winners History
2017Blind Squirrel T 37John BrownTRYC
2016Race Abandoned - Tropical Storm Hermine
2015Showtime T 18Clay JohnsonTRYC
2014Rocinante MA 10Richard WightMYC
2013Girls on Film T 73Jeff BonanniTRYC
2012Koarsair BH 22Bobby KoarBHYC
2011Faster Horses BH 22Bobby KoarBHYC
2010Race Abandoned - High Wind
2009SS 1John BrownSPYC
2008Pre Fontaine BH 5Bobby KoarBHYC
2007Magnum Force LA 99Dave MagnoLYC
2006Race Abandoned - tropical storm
2005RocinanteRichard WightMYC
2004Fast Break LA-88Paul MagnoLYC
2003Calamity MA-4Richard WightMYC
2002Magnum Force LA 99Dave MagnoLYC
2001LA-88Paul MagnoLYC
2000LA-8Chuck DrawbaughLYC
1999MA-4Richard WightMYC
1998LA-99Dave R. MagnoLYC
1997IH-27Had BrickIHYC
1996IH-7Buzz ReynoldsIHYC
1995HO-47Alex SmigelskiIHYC
1994T-18Erik JohnsonTRYC
1993MA-10Richard WightMYC
1992 William L. CampbellTRYC
1991Gun Jumper T-18Erik H. JohnsonTRYC
1990Darkstar T-5W.L. CampbellTRYC
1989FeatherDick WightMRYC
1988DarkstarW.L. CampbellTRYC
1987Ol'Blue C.W. CampbellTRYC
1986BH-37Scott CallahanBHYC
1985BH-37Scott CallahanBHYC
1984BH-17M. FortenbaughBHYC
1983MA-4R Colie, Jr.MYC
1982FeatherR. WightMYC
1981Slippy SisyphusSam V. MerrickBHYC
1980DarkstarW.L. (Bill) Campbell
1979LelptokurtosisDave A. Love
1978Ol'BlueC.W. CampbellTRYC
1977Ol'BlueC.W. CampbellTRYC
1976DusterDan C.M. CrabbeTRYC
1975ThucydidesSam V. MerrickBHYC
1974Ol'BlueC.W. CampbellTRYC
1973Ol'BlueC.W. CampbellTRYC
1972Ol'BlueC.W. CampbellTRYC
1971Ol'BlueC.W. CampbellTRYC
1970SisphusSam V. MerrickBHYC
1969RippleE.J. O'Malley, Jr.MYC
1968CalamityR. Colie Jr.MYC
1967WindborneSam V. MerrickBHYC
1966CalamityR. ColieMYC
1965Sheer TerrorC. CampbellTRYC
1964CalamityR. ColieMYC
1963Calamity TooR. ColieMYC
1960CalamityR. ColieMYC
1959CalamityWeldon / R. ColieMYC
1958ShrikeDan CrabbeIHYC
1957Complex IBritton ChanceMYC
1956Kitti WakeTom BuckMYC
1955Kitti WakeJohn BryantMYC
1954 Cliff LewisMYC
1951Complex IBritton ChanceMYC
1950HirondelleMike FaginSPYC
1942 - 1945No Races WWII
1941Wind SongSam V. MerrickBHYC
1940HirondelleHenry ChanceMYC
1939CacouetteBritton ChanceMYC
1938AeolusGeorge A. Lyons, Jr.MYC
1937HirondelleT. Gibbons-NeffMYC
1936HirondelleBritton ChanceMYC
1935AlitaMiss Florence M. ChanceMYC
1934HirondelleBritton ChanceMYC
1933HirondelleBritton ChanceMYC
1932AlouetteBritton ChanceMYC
1930SallyFerdinand Schoettle
1925RowdyWard WheelockSPYC