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Toms River Challenge Cup

Sailing's Oldest Continuous Competition

The first Toms River Challenge was July 1871, with eight gaff-rigged working catboats contending for the cup. The success of the first race brought an immediate challenge for a second race in October of that year, resulting in double races for the first several years of the competition.

The trophy is 14 inches tall, made of coined silver, by Tiffany jewelers in New York. The original trophy has been modified by adding a round base, to make room for additional winners names over the years.

Trophy Winners History
2017TorchTeam Torch - Taylor KennedyMYC
2016TorchPeet MustMYC
2015TorchTyler KennedyMYC
2014Spy IIGary StewartIHYC
2013SpyderTim BrownSPYC
2012WitchBill O'BrienBHYC
2011WitchBill O'BrienBHYC
2010WitchBill O'BrienBHYC
2009WitchAustin FragomenBHYC
2008SpyderPeter SayiaSPYC
2007Spy IIRoy WilkinsIHYC
2006WitchAustin FragomenBHYC
2005WitchAustin FragomenBHYC
2004RavenPete StaggardMCYC
2003Spy IIGary StewartIHYC
2002Spy IIGary StewartIHYC
2001Spy IIGary StewartIHYC
2000GhostW. Fortenbaugh / D. CrabbeBHYC
1999VaporPeter R KelloggBHYC
1998VaporJames C Kellogg, JrBHYC
1997Mary AnnChris ChadwickSPYC
1996Mary Ann SPYC
1995GhostWilliam FortenbaughBHYC
1994Race Abandoned
1993SpyRoy WilkinsIHYC
1992WaspN Hartranft, II/T BeatonOGYC
1991SpyR Wilkins/Reynolds/GroffIHYC
1990WaspNelson R Hartranft, Sr.OGYC
1989SpyWilkens / Reynolds / GroffIHYC
1988SpyRoy WilkinsIHYC
1987BatFrankovich / LostromIHYC
1986SpyR. WilkinsIHYC
1985WaspN. HartranftOGYC
1984SpyR. WilkinsIHYC
1983WaspHartranft, Sr.OGYC
1982Mary AnnEngle / YetmanIHYC
1981Mary Ann IHYC
1980Bat OGYC
1979Mary Ann OGYC
1978Bat OGYC
1977Spy OGYC
1976Spy OGYC
1975Spy OGYC
1972Bat SPYC
1971Mary AnnWarren LawLYC
1970Mary Ann LYC
1969Lotus BHYC
1968Lotus BHYC
1967Mary Ann LYC
1966SpySayia brothersSPYC
1965Mary Ann LYC
1964Mary AnnW.B. LawLYC
1963SpyD. SayiaSPYC
1962Bat SPYC
1961Mary AnnRobert ByrnesTRYC
1960Mary AnnR. ByrnesMYC
1959Mary AnnR. ByrnesMYC
1958LotusF. WinkelmanLYC
1957Lotus LYC
1956LotusFred WinklemanLYC
1955LotusF. WinkelmanLYC
1954Bat TRYC
1953Bat TRYC
1952Spy TRYC
1951Spy LYC
1950Spy LYC
1949BatEd CrabbeTRYC
1948BatTom DilworthTRYC
1947Mary AnnHarry NewmanTRYC
1946BatEd CrabbeTRYC
1942-45No Races during WWII
1941BatMack CrabbeTRYC
1940LotusF.P. SchoettleIHYC
1939BatE.L. CrabbeTRYC
1938Mary AnnHarry NewmanLYC
1937LotusF.P. SchoettleIHYC
1936LotusF.P. SchoettleIHYC
1935LotusF.P. Schoettle, Jr.IHYC
1934LotusF.P. SchoettleIHYC
Lotus & Spy Tied in the race and a sail off was scheduled for labor day
1933BatMack CrabbeTRYC
1932BatMack CrabbeTRYC
1930LotusE.J. SchoettleIHYC

The following from the book Sailing Craft Edwin J. Schoettle
1925BatEdward CrabbeTRYC
1924Mary AnnT.F. BrooksIHYC
1923Mary AnnMcKeehanIHYC
1922Mary AnnMcKeehanIHYC

Aug 4 1906Another Old Maid
Aug 5 1905Hummer
Aug 6 1904Empress

July 20 1895Spider
Sept 14 1894Martha
Sept 15 1893Merry Thought
June 24 1893Gem
Aug. 1891Vesper
July 11 1891Vesper
Aug. 8 1890Myth
July 7 1890Roy
Jun 14 1888Lou
Sept 27 1887R G
Jun 24 1887Gem
Sept 3 1886Gem
June 10 1886Gem
Sept 17 1885Lotus
June 4 1885Lotus
Sept 13 1884Lotus
June 5 1884Lotus
Jun. 20 1883Rival
Aug. 1 1882Lotus
Aug. 23 1881Mist
Sept 22 1880Mist
July 16 1879Vapor
Aug. 7 1878Vapor
July 4 1877Lulie
July 5 1876Lotus
Aug. 31 1875Cynthia
June 24 1875Lulie
Aug. 25 1874Vapor
June 3 1874Oscar Robinson
Sept 19 1873Lulie
June 18 1873Vapor
Aug. 20, 1872Haze
May 15, 1872Charrie G. Hooper
Oct. 27 1871Vapor
July 27, 1871VaporJob Falkinberg

Toms River Seaport Tintype Photo
July 5 1876MarthaCapt. Jim Gravitt, Crew Theadore Locke, Tuttle Cowdrick,
Miller Chamberlain, Abe, Goble, Wm. Jeffrey,
Bill Hulse