Commodores Cup
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Ensign - TRYC Race Winner

Toms River Yacht Club
Commodores Cup

Awarded for winning the afternoon or second race of the BBYRA at Toms River YC. The trophy was given to Toms River YC for Ensigns by Dr. Drew Seibert. Dr. Seibert raced Ensign 954, Trim. He won the Fleet Championship in 1974 and the Slack Bowl in 1975.

Trophy Winners History
2017Dolce P 1511Michael PaccioneTRYC
2016Lorelei 1085Bud BrownTRYC
2015Lorelei 1085Bud BrownTRYC
2014Lorelei 1085Bud BrownTRYC
2013Lorelei 1085Bud BrownTRYC
2012Leading Edge 1247Robert C WarnerTRYC
2011Marista 491Thomas HealeyIHYC
2010Galatea 690Allan TerhuneTRYC
2009Marista 491Thomas HealeyIHYC
2008Irish Mist 710Dick TorpeyTRYC
2007Galatea 690Allan TerhuneTRYC
2006Irish Mist 710Dick TorpeyTRYC
2005Marista 491Thomas HealeyIHYC
2004Irish Mist 710Dick ThorpeyTRYC
2003Marista 491Thomas HealeyIHYC
2002Leading Edge 1247Robert WarnerTRYC
2001Light Brigade 600Clark BrickIHYC
2000King Maker 970Jeff SmitsIHYC
1999Irish Mist 710Dick ThorpeyIHYC
1998R First 1106Fred RosenfeldIHYC
1997Irish Mist 710Dick ThorpeyTRYC
1996Race Canceled
1995Yard Bird 135Brian GabrielIHYC
1994Race Abandoned
1993Leading Edge 1247Robert WarnerTRYC
1992Pixilated 859Roy A KrausTRYC
1991Pixilated 859Roy A KrausTRYC
1990Fourty Niner 49Brian GabrielIHYC
1989Leading Edge 1247Robert WarnerTRYC
1988Double Trouble 1165Len EgeeIHYC
1987Pixilated 859Roy KrausTRYC
1986Recess 1081Kearney - WiedekeTRYC
1985Leading Edge 1247Robert WarnerTRYC
1984Leading Edge 1247Robert WarnerTRYC
1983Shawow Light 1669Wayne BushPBYC
1982Racoon 303R.E. TerhuneTRYC
1981Racoon 303R.E. TerhuneTRYC
1980Triune 493Bob DuffTRYC
1979Triune 493Bob DuffTRYC
1978String of Pearls 1078Jack EnglishIHYC