Horace Doan Trophy
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Doan Cup
Presented by
Harace A. Doan

For a Perpetual Trophy

To Be raced for annually by
under the rules and
regulations of the
Barnegat Bay Yacht
Racing Association

E Sloop (PM) Race Winner

Trophy Winners History
2017Blind Squirrel T37John BrownTRYC
2016Showtime T18Clay JohnsonTRYC
2015Blind Squirrel T37John BrownTRYC
2014Limelight T73Jeff BonanniTRYC
2013Blind Squirrel SS1Will DemandSPYC
2012Koarsair BH22Bobby KoarBHYC
2011Faster Horses BH22Bobby KoarBHYC
2010Espirit de Koar BH21Peter KoarBHYC
2009Espirit de Koar BH22Bobby KoarBHYC
2008New Era BH22W. Peter KoarBHYC
2007Shimmer BH8Russ LucasBHYC
2006El FungoWill DemandSPYC
2005RocinanteRichard WightMYC
2004Fast Break IIIPaul MagnoLYC
2003LA 5Dave MagnoLYC
2002Dave MagnoLYC
2001Cliff CampbellTRYC
2000Dave MagnoLYC
1999Cliff CampbellTRYC
1998Dave MagnoLYC
1997Cliff CampbellTRYC
1996Not Awarded
1995Erik H. JohnsonTRYC
1994Dev Colie
1993Erik H. JohnsonTRYC
1992Erik H. JohnsonTRYC
1991Dave MagnoLYC
1990William CampbellTRYC
1989P. FortenbaughBHYC
1988Corbin DayBHYC
1987Magnum ForceLYC
1986 BHYC
1984Barnegat Sleigh RideIHYC
1983Slippy SisyphusBHYC
1980Shell BackTRYC
1979Shell BackTRYC
1978Slippery SisyphusBHYC
1975Ol' BlueTRYC
1974Reaching WindMYC
1973Ol' BlueTRYC
1972Ol' BlueTRYC
1971Ol' BlueTRYC
1970Ol' BlueTRYC
1969Wind Borne BHYC
1968Sheer TerrorC. CampbellTRYC
1967Sheer TerrorC. CampbellTRYC
1965Sheer TerrorC. CampbellTRYC
1964Sheer TerrorC. CampbellTRYC
1962Wind StormBHYC
1961Calamity IIMYC
1960Wind FallBHYC
1959High TideTRYC
1958Kitten Wake M18Dave LoughranMYC
1956Complex IBritton ChanceMYC
1955Kittimake MYC
1954Complex MYC
1951Hirondelle MYC
1950Chimera MYC
1949HirondelleMike FaganSPYC
1948SoubretteS. NeffMYC
1947Alita IIMorton G. Neff, Jr.MYC
1946BreezeRunyon Colie, Jr.MYC
1942 - 1945No Races WWII
1941WindsongSam V. MerrickBHYC
1940HirondelleHenry ChanceMYC
1939WindsongSam V. MerrickBHYC
1938Doon IIIRobert HartMYC
1937Doon IIIRunyon Colie, Jr.MYC
1936Alita IIMiss F. ChanceMYC
1935AlouetteSam V. MerrickBHYC
1934AlitaMiss F. ChanceMYC
1933Yiroide ? MYC
1932AlouetteB. ChanceMYC
1931Alouette MYC
1930ScampC.M. ChanceSPYC
1928Phantom MYC
1927 SPYC
1926Oh MinRitner K. WallingSPYC
1925KonowingoCharles Day / Slade DaleMYC