BBYRA Officers & Committees


Elected Officers - 2018

   Ed Vienckowski
Edward VienckowskiCommodore
   Mark Masur
Mark MasurVice Commodore
   Allan Terhune
Allan Terhune Sr.Rear Commodore
   Russell Lucas
Russell LucasFleet Captain
   Peeter Must
Peerer MustMeasurer
   Tim Faranetta
Tim FaranettaTreasurer
   Lorraine Morrow
Lorraine S. MorrowSecretary

Standing Committees

Note: Officers and other contact information
is available on the Contact Page

  Mark Masur
Regatta Committee Chairperson: Mark Masur (Vice Commodore)
Committee Information & Member listing
   Allan Terhune
Class Liaison Chairperson: Allan Terhune (Rear Commodore)
Committee Information & Member listing
Equipment Chairperson: Allan Terhune (Rear Commodore)
Committee Information
  Russell Lucas
Safety & Training Chairperson: Russell Lucas (Fleet Captain)
  Russ Lines
Sailing Instructions Chairperson: Russ Lines
Committee Information
  Peter Sayia
Class Eligibility Chairperson:Peter Sayia
Committee Information
  Sue Proko
Junior Sailing Chairperson: Susan Proko
Committee Information & Member listing
  Tom Sollas
Protest Committee Chairperson: Tom Sollas
Protest Information
  Jan O'Malley
Appeals Chairperson: Jan O'Malley
  Jack Heacock
Scoring Chairperson: Jack Heacock
Assistant Scorers
Tracey Bailey (Rose Course), Eileen King
  Harry Foote
YRA Representative
to US Sailing
Harry Foote
  Jim Walsh
US Sailing
National Cup Events
Chairperson: Jim Walsh
Committee Information
  Ed Reardon
General Programs
  & Services
Chairperson: Ed Reardon P/C
Committee Information
Bridget Doran
Jack Heacock P/C
  June Kingman
Nominating Chairperson: June Kingman P/C
BBYRA Past Commodores
  Tim Faranatta
Financial Committee Chairperson: Tim Faranatta (treasurer)
Historic Chairperson: Lara Walsh
Committee Information