Guidelines for Submitting Event Results


All Race Results submitted to the BBYRA Webmaster for posting should be in the form of one or more HTML files. The first section needed is an Index giving the name of the event and a list of the fleets involved. Each fleet name should be coded as a 'Link' to the score information for that fleet. The remainder of the file or files is the score sheets for each fleet. The result file(s) should be sent as attachments via e-mail to , other formats may be arranged with the Webmaster, but will probably delay the posting of results on the BBYRA web site.


The preferred naming convention is to name the index file or single file 'XXmmdd.htm' where XX is the host yacht club name, and mmdd is the start date of the event. Additional files are named 'XXmmdd_fleet.htm' where XXmmdd is the same as the index file and fleet is the name or id of the fleet. Use of this convention will insure that there are no file name conflicts with other files on the BBYRA web site.


These file formats are compatible with the common scoring programs as follows:



Use XXmmdd for the event file name when creating the event.

Make all fleets 'active' - this is the default condition.

Generate a 'series' 'combined report'



Use XXmmdd for the event name.

View reports as normal and print your local copies

The web report file is stored as c:\javescore\reports\XXmmdd\XXmmdd.html this is the file to send. Note it will have links to other files on your computer - these can be ignored


St. Pete Scorer

As each fleet is scored use the save as html command. Enter the file name as 'XXmmdd_fleet' in response to the file name prompt

Use word or other editor to create the index file and save as file XXmmdd.htm